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Riverside Cabins of Montana builds custom modular cabins and ships them to various locations in Montana and bordering states including Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota.

Have you been dreaming of living the cabin life but need a cabin? Do you need a home and want one with that warm country feeling? 

Your cabin will be built in our facility, by skilled and licensed tradesman, and will not see the weather until it is ready for the weather.  

Built in Montana and designed to take on the winters that come with the territory, our custom modular cabins are built stronger and stiffer than a site-built home. With 3” of closed cell foam in the walls, let that north wind blow because it’s not getting into these buildings. 

It is our desire to simplify the cabin and home building process. Don’t worry about trying to find all those sub-contractors. With Riverside Cabins, you will have one contact person from design to completion. While you are getting the site work done, we are building your cabin. Once on site, your cabin will be set up in as little as 3 to 10 days.

We have four different custom modular cabin styles to choose from.

Yellowstone Cabin

The Yellowstone Cabin

The Yellowstone Cabin is a ranch style cabin that includes a 6’x20′ covered A frame porch. This layout allows for maximum use of floor space by avoiding hallways.

Gallatin Cabin

The Gallatin Cabin

The Gallatin Cabin has an inset porch that keeps everything under one roof!

Exterior Photos - Stillwater Cabin

The Stillwater Cabin

The Stillwater Cabin has beautiful vaulted ceilings from the living room to the full-width gable end porch giving you the ultimate open floor plan!

Bitterroot Cabin

The Bitterroot Cabin

The Bitterroot Cabin is our newest model that has a 6’ deep porch that creates an attractive double gable front entrance.

So, come on in, pick out your custom modular cabin and one of our floor plans or bring us a floor plan you like and let’s get you and your family living the cabin life as soon as possible. 

Helping families make the dream of the cabin life affordable and simple!

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Benefits of a Riverside Cabin

Where We Ship

We deliver cabins to Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Energy Efficient

We use closed cell foam in 2×6 exterior walls. The ceilings have an R49.

Eco Friendly

Being factory built makes for very efficient construction, with very little waste of materials.
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Quality Craftsmanship

Your cabin is built by skilled framers, finish carpenters, licensed electricians, and plumbers.


Your cabin is built in our facility and does not see the weather until it is ready to be delivered.

Reduced Frustration

No need to worry about finding reliable sub-contractors, we take care of everything!

What our customers say

“We had a wonderful experience with Riverside Cabins from start to finish. They did a phenomenal job building our cabin. From Bill meeting us on a Saturday to tour their cabins, to Nate spending a whole day with us (very patiently) while we picked every last detail, to Enric and the whole crew’s organization and attention to detail on site, they were helpful, prompt, and prudent every step. We can’t recommend a modular cabin enough, and especially one from Riverside.”

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