Delivery Details

The day your cabin shows up to your property is a very exciting day! Make sure you invite your friends for this show. There is work to be done to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.

Review the pre-delivery checklist below to be sure you have everything ready and in place for delivery and install!

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Is Your Foundation Ready?

  • Gravel and Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space
  • Center Support Walls Or Posts In?
  • Sill plates installed and anchored down? Top of sill plate must be flush, no anchor bolts sticking up.
  • Insulation on Crawl Space Walls
  • Hole for Septic Pipe

Room for the Crane?

  • The crane needs 40’ x 40’ of relatively flat ground right next to the foundation. We also need enough space to back the semi-truck up with your cabin on board. Give as much room as you can to work.
  • Make sure all trees and branches overhanging this area have been removed. The crane boom needs room to swing from the semi-truck to the foundation.

Road Access?

  • Is the road leveled out well?
  • Is it graveled or does it have adequate traction for the trucks and crane?
  • Is the road at least 2’ wider than the cabin modules?
  • How about branches down the road? Allow 15' of free height so your cabin roof does not get damaged.
  • Leave extra room on the road corners. The semi has a custom-built trailer with wheels that can move the trailer sideways that allows for incredible maneuverability, but he still needs a good wide corner area.

With everything on-site ready to go, most cabins are on the foundation within 3 hours and by the end of the first day your cabin is anchored to the foundation, the two halves attached to each other and the roof on and weather tight. 

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