What is a Modular Cabin?

Modular Cabin

Modular Cabin

Modular Cabin

What is a modular cabin? Modular, manufactured, mobile, what is the difference? Are they all the same? 

They are the same in that they are all built in one location and moved to another. After that though, there is a fair bit of difference. 

Factory built buildings have been around since 1764 when a structure built in London was shipped to Cape Ann, MA and reassembled. 

During World War 2, the Quonset hut was designed by a team of naval architects and engineers at the Quonset point naval air station. It was designed as a solution to prefabricated housing that could be built offsite, transported and erected rapidly to house military personnel. An incredibly strong building that today primarily houses tractors. 

The mobile home became very popular during the 60’s and 70’s as an affordable form of housing. The problem was there was very little regulation and many companies built sub-standard and sometimes unsafe housing. In 1976, the government stepped in with a base set of standards that had to be met, the “HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards”, usually called “the HUD Code”. The manufactured (mobile) home built today is using these HUD standards. These codes assure a home meets certain safety and comfort standards yet still allows for affordable housing. The manufactured home built to the HUD codes is a good building, but these are bare minimum standards, the manufactured home does not meet the same stringent regulation of a site-built home. 

Riverside Cabins builds modular buildings.

A modular cabin is built to the latest International Residential Codes (IRC). These are the highest standards of building practices for framing, wiring, plumbing and energy. This is where the differences show up between a Modular and Manufactured home and they are significant differences.  A modular home, like a site-built home is constructed to the same state, local and regional codes and regulations 

Our cabins and homes are built out of the weather, to the highest standards, inspected by the state, then set on your foundation as a long lasting, value gaining investment in both your property and your family. 

Do not mistake modular homes for manufactured or mobile homes due to both being built in a factory setting.


Riverside Cabins appraise the same as on-site built counterparts.

Foundation Options

Riverside Cabins can be built on crawl spaces, basements, or pilings (post and beam) foundations.

Real Property

Riverside Cabins are considered permanent structures.


Insurance premiums for Riverside Cabins are the same as site-built homes.


Riverside Cabins can be fully customized to meet your needs.


Taxes on Riverside Cabins are the same as site-built homes.

"Green Building"

Riverside Cabins are considered a form of green building, an efficient use of materials.


Home loans for Riverside Cabins are the same as site-built homes.

The Elements

All Riverside Cabins are built to the climate demands of your area.

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