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Riverside Cabins Warranty

Riverside Cabins agrees to repair or replace, at Riversides option, any part of your home needing repair made necessary from a defect in material or workmanship by the manufacturer. These repairs will be done within a reasonable time, and without charge to the customer. This limited warranty is for the building only, from floor joists to ridge cap and for a period of (2) years from the date of delivery to the original homeowner. Exceptions include:

  • Any site work that Riverside or Riverside’s contractors did not do.
  • Movement and problems with the building, stemming from foundation movement.
  • Damage to building from winterizing without heat (frozen fixtures, flooring, etc.).
  • Any defect, malfunction, or failure resulting from the owner’s unreasonable use or abuse, including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance.
  • Any damage caused by improper alterations or modifications and normal deterioration due to wear or exposure.
  • Minor imperfections and basic maintenance. Riverside will warrant minor imperfections for the first (90) days after delivery of your home. These include cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, minor damage to paint or siding, broken glass, etc. Doors and door locksets can get out of alignment as the building and foundation “settle” into their new home, these adjustments are considered basic maintenance and part of the homeowner’s responsibility.
  • Damage from acts of God, (winds over 60 mph are considered acts of God).

Additional Manufacturer Warranties

  • Metal Roof: 40-year
  • Pabco Shingles: Limited Lifetime
  • Siding:
    • LP Smart Substrate: 50-year limited
    • Northwest Factory Finish: 30-year
  • MoistureShield Composite Decking: 50-year
  • TAS Ridgeline Vinyl Flooring: 25-year

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