We at Riverside understand that when you ask us to build your cabin or home, we are being trusted with a dream you have been planning for years.  

There are products you can buy, try, then decide to bring them back or sell at a garage sale when done. Most of us have purchased a vehicle and afterwards had some regrets, but even with several thousand dollars into a poorly purchased car, it can be sold, and we move on to the next one…hopefully a better fit and more reliable. 

A cabin though is different. You have dreamed and planned for years, you have searched long and hard for the perfect piece of land, and now you are needing just the right cabin. You are looking forward to the next 30 plus years of enjoyment and very likely the anticipation of handing it over to your children and then to the grandchildren as a family tradition that you will start. This is a purchase that MUST be right the first time! 

Asking us to help fulfill your cabin dream is a great honor and a great responsibility.  

Knowing the importance and permanency of this decision, can we give you a bit of an introduction to our company: who we are and how we think? 

Cabin: it takes the warmth of home + the joys of family and bundles them into one incredible, wonderful place.

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Our Mission

People before position, people before profits, positively outrageous customer service. 

Regardless of title or position, it is the people of our company who are most important. 

We focus on our customer more than we do the profits. When you the customer are of first importance, we are confident that profitability follows.  

It is your dream; we have simply been invited into it. We will go the second mile; we will go above and beyond what is expected to help make your dream a happy and fulfilled one.    

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Riverside Cabins is a sister company of Montana Shed Center, who began building sheds in the Great Falls Montana area in 2008. Within 10 years, they became the largest Montana based shed Manufacturer with 42 dealerships in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, evidence that good quality and good customer service is still good business.  

By 2010, smaller cabins and offices began to be sold, with the demand for these quality portable cabins continuing to increase every year. However, the requests for larger cabins had to be denied for lack of construction space.

In January of 2018, Riverside Cabins opened its larger production doors with the purpose of offering premium quality modular cabins and homes. We hold to the same business principles of offering the best quality product and treating our customers like they are family. 

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Our Promise

We promise to look out for your best interest and needs, not just our profits. 

We promise to treat you like family. We want the cabin atmosphere to start at our front door. 

We promise to stand behind our product even after the final check is written. 

We are human and don’t always get things right, but we will do our very best. 

What cabin would you like to come home to? View all of our cabins now!

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Our core values that govern our daily operations


We are united in achieving a common goal. 


We hold others in high regard and favor them more than we would ourself. 


We strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers no matter the project size.


We are accountable to our God and Creator. 


We are honest with each other and our customers, we do not lie. 


We have a culture that promotes a fun, safe and caring atmosphere, balancing work, and family life. 


We never give up and have a focused intensity in everything we do. 

No Gossip

Is it kind? Does it build someone up? Is it necessary? 

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Riverside Cabins

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