Advantages of a Modular Cabin


Quality is our #1 priority. A cabin or home is something you want to pass on to the next generation. It is an investment you want to gain in value, and that is how we build them.  

With your cabin being built in our shop, we have direct supervision of all building aspects. We have our own framers and finish carpenters who are closely screened and hired on as a long-term part of our company family.  

We have worked to find highly qualified, licensed, electricians and plumbers who are the best in their profession. Often, on a site-built home, these trades are hired by who is available or what ad may stand out in the yellow pages.  

Here at Riverside Cabins, we KNOW that our craftsmen are great at their trade.  

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Think of a custom sitebuilt home, only better. 

In order to hold up to the demands of being lifted by a crane and sent down the highway at 65mph, our buildings must be built stronger than a site-built home. It starts with double 2×10 rim joists all the way around each section, then the main floor walls are bolted down to this rim joist beam. The 2×6 exterior walls have 3” of closed cell foam insulation, this is incredible insulation, but it also bonds the entire building together. A 50-foot-long cabin can be picked up on one end so that it free spans the entire 50’ with barely a discernable sag – try that with a site-built building!  

Each of our cabins will have engineered trusses designed specifically for your site. Do you have 150-pound snow load with 80pmh winds?  

We will build your cabin to hold up to those conditions. 

Simple Process

You will have one contact person for the entire construction process of your cabin structure.  

If you build a site-built home, you will need to find and work with framers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, and finish carpenters. You would have to pick out cabinets, countertops, flooring, insulators, heating and cooling, and more. 

You will still have work to do on the site improvements like foundation and utilities, but with Riverside Cabins, we will take on the bulk of the responsibilities, and one phone call to one person answers the questions for all those construction trades. 

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Your cabin and your foundation can be built at the same time.  

While the work is being done on your land, like roads, foundation and utilities, your cabin will be getting built. Also, with your cabin being built in our building, we do not face weather delays like a site-built building can. 

This makes the whole process more efficient and will get you into your cabin or dream home that much faster.


We build your building in our building.  

This allows us to keep everything out of the weather until it is ready for the weather. No soaking rainstorms or snow drifts inside your cabin ever. No 100-degree days overheating the lumber so that it twists and makes for crooked walls. No cold carpenters with numb fingers who are thinking of a fireplace more than placing nails or boards in the correct place. 

Our facilities allows construction to go on year-round and keeps waste to a minimum! 

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Permits and Inspections

Many rural areas have few to no permit requirements. What this means is that a site-built building will often have no official inspections to verify it is being built properly and safely.  

Our cabins start with a set of plans approved and permitted by the state the cabin will be going to. Then, either Montana state or licensed outside 3rd party inspectors will inspect the framing, insulation, wiring, plumbing and final product to assure it is being built to the latest codes.  

A Riverside Cabin is built to the “International Residential Code” books, the highest standards for residential construction. 

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